Retraction, Reneging and Backtracking

A few months ago, I wrote a post advising that seniors don’t need to bring someone with them to a doctor’s appointment. I am dogged about keeping our independence as we age, but today, I am changing my mind… Since writing that post, I spoke to one of my clients who recently visited her doctor. She could not remember what he said or recommended. She got flummoxed and … [Read more...]

Going To The Doctor Alone Is Often The Best Choice

I had a strange request, recently. One of my clients asked if I would go with her when she was going to the doctor. I asked her why she would want me to go along. She explained that when she goes, she becomes tongue tied and can’t seem to focus. She leaves the doctor’s office not knowing what was said and her questions go unanswered. So, she said, “Go with me. Tell me … [Read more...]