Like a Fox Guarding the Hen House

This can’t be happening. Now, there is now another way for my clients to lose their money and their identities and it isn’t even because of some fraudster. No, this time, the “perp” is a legitimate business failing miserably to protect its “people”. I’m speaking, of course, about the Equifax breach. For 35 years, I’ve seen a lot of scams out there; people trying to sucker … [Read more...]

So, When Are You Going to Retire?

Wow, again this week, one of my clients asked me that question. Holy moly, do I look that bad? I ran to the mirror to get some sort of reading that decrepitude had taken over. Nothing has really changed since I looked in the mirror. No sudden hair loss, sagging jowls or precipitous hair growing from my ears… something that would lead someone to believe that this dude is … [Read more...]

The Secret to Staying Relevant with Kids and Grandkids

Can you imagine if, today, Alexander Graham Bell picked up the phone to call his kids and had to leave a message for them? Leaving messages on the phone for our kids or grandkids is the proverbial whistling in the wind. No one hears it. A few months ago, I talked about the importance of being relevant. What I didn’t talk about was how to be relevant with your kids and … [Read more...]

Is there ever a good time to talk about after life arrangements?

Remember when our parents, in their frustration said, “Talking to you is like talking to a wall!?” Most of us laughed and thought nothing much of it. My, how the tables have turned! Now, we are also parents. And, like many of my clients, we want to speak about end-of-life planning, wills, powers of attorney and other such pertinent matters. It’s now our kids who are … [Read more...]