What Aging in Place Means to my Family and Community

Issues that families will continue to have to deal with include home modifications (accessibility, universal design), support issues (finding more time for themselves, balancing work and family responsibilities as a caregiver, and managing emotional and physical stress), answers to common problems (home modifications ideas, co-location care issues for those caring for aging parents, lack of a support system), independent living, education and more. All of these issues will need to be dealt with in a way that empowers those aging in place and their caregivers, so people can make informed decisions about their lives and care.


What does that mean to us as a society?

It means there are going to be a lot of older people in our cities and towns. Some will have family and friends around to help care for them. Others will not be so fortunate and will have to rely on community organizations, institutions or some other form of assistance. Most communities currently do not have the capability to provide assistance to everyone that will need it. In order to meet the needs of older citizens, communities will have to change. This means new ways for them to get where they need to go, new (and more) ways for them to get medical care and new ways for them to obtain help with day-to-day tasks they may no longer be able to perform themselves.