Belle Cares Wellness Services w/ Armand Lauzon - Smart Retirement Life

Belle Cares Wellness Services With Armand Lauzon – Smart Retirement Life

In this episode of Smart Retirement Life, join Mark Hager as he talks with Armand Lauzon, founder & CEO of Belle, the parent company of two technology companies that serve older adults.


He also frequently speaks and writes about how technology companies are bringing important innovations to seniors who are in need of the affordable, necessary resources they create and provide.

About Belle

The Belle portfolio includes Belle Cares, which provides on-demand wellness and beauty services to older adults. These services include massage, hair, nails, makeup, facials, yoga and other fitness services.

The Belle Rings app helps organize a daily calls to a loved one and allows family members and caregivers to easily stay connected.

In this episode:

  • Hear the story of how Belle Cares came to be.
  • How Belle Cares is transforming daily life for older adults and the people who provide the wellness and beauty services to them.
  • How Belle gives back.
  • The future for the Belle brands.

Learn more about Belle

If you would like to learn more about Belle Cares or Belle Rings, here are a few links to help you.

Belle Cares: website

Belle Rings: iOS App page


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