Silvernest Interview With Kari Henley - Episode 8 Smart Retirement Life

Silvernest Interview With Kari Henley – Episode 8 Smart Retirement Life


Kari Henley, Community Relations Director for Silvernest joins Mark Hager today on Smart Retirement Life.

If you don’t know what Silvernest is, it’s a roommate matching service for baby boomers and empty nesters.

Housing and income are both major concerns for many people. And, once you hear about how it works and the extent of the service, I’m pretty sure you’re going to agree it is pretty darn cool.

Kari joined the team with a 20 year background in entrepreneurship, business strategy, writing, and client collaboration. She has helped launch several startups in the areas of biotechnology, eHealth, aging and medical aesthetics.

She’s been a contributor to the Huffington Post since 2006, and has written extensively in areas of thought leadership, emerging trends, social connections and life balance. Kari has appeared on Dateline NBC, Fox, local television and was a guest on PBS: “This Emotional Life,” and her work was featured in an Amazon #1 bestselling book. She is currently assisting in the development of a multi-episode documentary on intergenerational and global stories of positive aging.

In this episode

  • About the service
  • How Silvernest helps Boomers and empty-nesters earn extra income
  • Kari’s story of why she joined the team
  • How the service makes it easy (and more safe) to get the right person as a renter.
  • Tips for how to use Silverest

Silvernest video

More about Kari Henley and Silvernest

silvernest-logoIf you would like to learn more about Silvernest, you can visit their website. You can also call them at 866-757-6378
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