Retirement Your Way. Start With These Ideas.

Retirement Your Way. Start With These Ideas.


Mark Hager discusses how you can have retirement your way by leveraging the contemporary idea of aging in place and how it can impact people who have not yet retired.

Retirement planning is about more than just money. Yes, that is a big part, but can’t be your only focus if you want to have the life you dream of after you retire. The potential to radically improve your life after retirement could start with the simple steps outlined in the video.


Retirement Your Way – Show Notes

Hi. I’m Mark Hager, the Founder of

I’d like to take a moment and talk to you about your future. It will only take a couple of minutes; I know we’re all busy, so I will respect your time and be direct. I promise it will be worth your while.

During these moments together, you will learn about something very interesting that is affecting our entire nation and you might also learn something about your life that could change your future. We’re going to be talking about retirement your way.

Let me get started…

As my parent’s approached their 70’s, they started having some health problems. They also couldn’t get around as well as they used to. They weren’t feeble by any means; just moving a little slower and not able to do everything they used to do.

It got me thinking. How could they continue to enjoy their life as they grew older, including doing as much as they could for themselves, yet still get the help they needed along the way?

So, I started doing some research. And, I found out a lot of ways they could continue building a life that would bring them enjoyment, fullfilllment, while still being able to get any help they might need as their needs changed.

After a while, I realized we were on the verge of something remarkable happening.

You see, the Baby Boomers were changing everything again. Now, this generation of free thinkers were about to challenge the very idea of retirement. They expected the fullness of their lives to follow them into their post working life. They weren’t going to be still, rather, wanted vibrant lives filled with meaning and purpose.

But, there is a serious problem. There are just so many of them..

– According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2030 there will be approximately 71.5 million Americans over the age of 65.

– Thats nearly 20% of the population, give or take.

– Think about that. It means 1 in every 5 people will be over 65.

The reason this is such a big deal is that these people will need help and not every person will need the same amount or kind of help.

– In most places,t here will not be enough medical care, facilities, assisted living, caregivers, transportation services, delivery services, home maintenance services… pretty much anything.

– This phenomena will affect the lives of millions

– Also, communities and the agencies, governments, organizations and nearly every business that serve them.

Now, you might be wondering why you should care about this. You might think, “I’ve got my retirement fund in place” or, “I’ve got years before i retire” or even, “I’m already retired and I’m doing fine.”

Any of those could be true for you. However, there are things you probably haven’t thought about, which could keep you from having retirement your way.

Your financial plans, though important, are only one part of retirement. The truth is, you can have plenty of money after retirement, yet still live in a home that won’t meet your needs as you age.

Did you know that your home should have everything you need on one floor? A bathroom, bedroom, laundry room and a kitchen?

Or, that you should have no steps leading into your home? Or, that there your bathroom should be configured with a no-step shower and grab bars? How much do you know about the type and quantity of lighting, or appliances, cabinets and even rooms that are made to be easily used?

You see, most of you are probably thinking right now, “This isn’t for me; he’s talking about old people.” Actually, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m talking about everyone. The items I just mentioned and many more relating to your home are Universal Design principles that are meant for everyone.

And, if you took a moment to go to Google and look up universal design, you would see that it applies to everyone and every thing.

You could also live in a community that does not have the services you would need, say if you had a health problem and could not longer drive. Or, heaven forbid, a serious health condition that required you to need care.

What if you had no way to get to a doctor’s appointment or any type of social function where you could see friends?

What if you needed some kind of help at home or with your home, but couldn’t get it because there are not enough businesses in your community to provide the help you needed?

We’ll get back to your finances for a second. What if you had the money to pay someone to come work on your house or help you in your home or drive you somewhere you needed to go, but there were so many other people in your community who needed the same things and not enough businesses to help everyone?

Would you want those things to make you have to move out of your home or, even worse, to assisted living or another city where you could get the help you needed?

Many of you might be saying to yourself, “I’m not at a time in my life where this matters to me.” I can understand you feeling that way. But, the truth is that whether you’re 40 or 70, the more you think about what it means to have retirement your way … what you want your future to be like … and start laying plans for it, the happier your later years are going to be.

Putting it off will only leave you in a position where you have less control. And, may just reduce the chances of you having the life you want after retirement.

Retirement your way … the plan

So, I’m asking you take a moment for yourself. Think about what it means to have retirement your way;  what you want your life to be after you retire.  Seriously think about and envision it. Then, think about any plans you might have already made.

Now, go take a look around our site here at and learn some more about the aging in place concept. Learn about how it can empower you to get the life you want after you retire and you can have more of the things you’ll need.

Search the internet for aging in place, livable communities, the aging baby boomers and long-term care. You’ll see what I’m shooting straight with you.

Compare what you’ve already planned for with what maybe you should plan for.

I think you’ll be surprised to find that you probably ought to put some time into a solid plan for your own life; for retirement you way.

I’ll guess end here. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out. Please take some time to think about what I’ve covered in this video.

If you have any questions, just drop me a note at support [-at-] I’ll do my best to answer each message personally.

Be well, be blessed and may you keep building your best life.
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