26 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Yes, you read that right … 26 gift ideas. The holidays are here, and while you are busy checking things off your list, maybe you paused because you just don’t know what to buy for that special older person in your life. Particularly because he /she says they don’t need anything.

You need gift ideas … maybe pretty fast if you have to ship them.

Well forget the canes, reachers and hearing aids for gift ideas – now days, people are way more sophisticated and active than that! Give them a gift that will fit into their lifestyle or enhance it in a meaningful way.

We’ve narrowed our list of gift ideas to a few favorites in several categories and most won’t break the bank. Hopefully, they will provide a little inspiration for any last-minute shopping you need to do.

Gift Ideas for the traveler

  • gift ideas

    26 thoughtful gift ideas

    GPS for the car

  • AAA membership – AAA may seem unnecessary … until you need it.
  • Guidebooks
  • A travel pouch for passport, credit cards, etc., or other luggage – Help them keep their stuff organized and neat.
  • Travel tickets – If you can swing it, tickets someplace they’ve always wanted to go would certainly brighten their spirits!

For the entertainment lover

  • Tickets to a play, concert or theater – Even smaller, local theaters are great places to see shows or socialize with friends.
  • Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon and other online memberships – Stream thousands of movies, TV shows and original programs.
  • Movie tickets

For the fitness nut

  • Pedometer
  • Community center / health club memberships – Help them be more active, socialize and take control of their health. Don’t forget your local Y, either!
  • Pool pass
  • Foot / leg massager – Nothing feels better after a few rounds on the treadmill than a leg massage.

For the gardener

  • New gardening accessories such as boots, gloves, apron or hat – Who hasn’t misplaced their gloves or spade? Two is always better than one … just in case.
  • An exotic plant
  • Box of various seeds for planting – Help them get a jump on their Spring garden. Give them a challenge to grow something new.
  • New tools or bench

For the sports enthusiast

  • Tickets to a game – Get them in to see their favorite team. They’ll have a great time. (Maybe, you could buy two and go together.)
  • A round of golf
  • A pay per view game/match – The next best thing to being there … boxing, football, baseball … you can pap per view just about any sporting event.

Amateur chef gift ideas

  • Cooking class – They’ll not only get to learn some new skills and recipes, but will get to sample some great food. (Maybe you you can join them!)
  • Spices and oils gift basket
  • Gadgets –Put your cooking class techniques to work. You can even get Universally Designed gadgets online at places like OXO.
  • Grocery or specialty store gift card

For the geek

  • The new Amazon Echo – The Echo isn’t available to everyone, yet. But, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can request an invite.
  • Amazon Kindle, iPad or other tablet device – Tablets are incredibly popular, as they allow for easy access to email, video calls & the web.
  • Samsung Galaxy or other smart phone – Samsung has Easy Mode, which makes the phone easier to use. You can also get apps to do the same thing for other brands in the app stores.


And, most importantly …

Thank you for another year of allowing us into your lives. From our families to yours, we wish you a safe, happy and peaceful holiday season. (And, if you can’t have that, go have some fun!)

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