Accessible Bathroom Counters & Cabinets – Photos

Accessible bathroom counters make your bath more user friendly & convenient. You might think that a counter is just a counter; nothing could be further than the truth. There are many ways to think about accessibility when thinking about remodeling your bathroom.


For instance, an elderly or senior person aging in place being able to easily reach things on the countertop, having plenty of room on the counter to reduce accidents, having proper counter height and depth, using the right material for the countertops and a host of other can items can increase their accessibility.

There is also the accessibility of the cabinets or other storage areas in the bathroom. Is there room underneath for wheelchair access? Can items be reached easily whether sitting or standing? Is there plenty of room to open doors & drawers?

Accessible bathroom counters make life easier

As mentioned, there are many aspects to accessible bathroom counters, including height, material, open space, color… all down to the cabinets underneath. Throw in the other cabinets, closets & storage areas in the bathroom, & you have a host of possibilities for easy accessibility. Dealing with these and other accessible issues in the bathroom make using the space easier for those aging in place… and more enjoyable.

Accessible bathroom counters & cabinets photos

These photos were selected on Pinterest because the represent some really good accessibility ideas. Not every bathroom here is fully accessible; some just have options that we like for accessible bathroom counters & cabinets. Many of these bathrooms are gorgeous! Make sure to pin the ones that you like so you can have them later.


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