Accessible Bathroom Counters & Cabinets – Photos

Accessible bathroom counters make your bath more user friendly & convenient. You might think that a counter is just a counter; nothing could be further than the truth. There are many ways to think about accessibility when thinking about remodeling your bathroom. For instance, an elderly or senior person aging in place being able to easily reach things on the countertop, … [Read more...]

Accessible Showers

Accessible showers should be part of any aging in place bathroom remodeling project, due to the fact they can be built to be accessible for anyone; including those who are in a wheelchair. These showers are designed to not only provide for a person's safety in the shower through no or low-lip entries, grab bars, non-slip flooring, etc. A bathroom that is designed properly … [Read more...]

Aging in Place Bathroom Photos

An aging in place bathroom has been designed to meet the unique or general usability needs of the people that use them. Remodeling your bathroom to help you or a loved one that is aging in place will require some planning. As you will see in these photos, it can be beautiful & usable! A fantastic accessible bathroom is about safety, ease-of-use & beauty. Aging in place … [Read more...]

Accessible Kitchen Cabinets – Photos

Accessible kitchen cabinets are one feature you can have in your kitchen that can really make a difference. Most of what you will find in these photos will be designed to make a kitchen more accessible for seniors or elderly aging in place. However, the nice thing about having accessible kitchen cabinets is that it is good for everyone. You're sure to find something useful for … [Read more...]

Wheelchair Accessible Kitchens – Photos

Many home owners find themselves in need of wheelchair accessible kitchens, whether for themselves, a spouse or other family member. Accessibility is key for those who use a wheelchair; especially for seniors or elderly people. Having a kitchen that functions the way a person in a wheelchair needs it to can be accomplished with planning. And, as you will see below, they can … [Read more...]