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The new Fibaro home automation system has got us a little more inspired. Their new product series aims to integrate home automation into your life on your terms and, ultimately, improve your lifestyle.

Just to be clear, Fibaro does not state that their home automation system as specifically beneficial for older consumers. However, I am excited about this product because I believe home automation and aging in place goes hand-in-hand, and (from what I’ve seen) Fibaro has a very functional and robust system. And, it seems they take great care in applying the home automation into your home; it seems to strive to be invisible to the end user, which would mean easily integrated into your lifestyle.

Fibaro home automation

Fibaro home automation / image:

As with most home automation systems, some of the features of the system could help those 50+. But, it is not just about being safe or having things easily done for you. It is also about convenience, quality of life and, dare I say, enjoyment. With the integration into your daily life that Fibaro portrays, it sure looks fun.

Fibaro home automation video

Fibaro showcased its new system at CES 2014 and their website says you can get their products here in the U.S., though with some limited availability.



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