Zack Rack Automated Cabinets With Steven Moore - Smart Retirement Life

Zack Rack Automated Cabinets With Steven Moore – Smart Retirement Life

In this episode of Smart Retirement Life, join Mark Hager as he talks to Steven Moore, President of Freedom Shelf Innovations, LLC, the manufacturer of the Zack Rack automated cabinet system.


About the Zack Rack

The Zack Rack is an automated cabinet system that delivers the contents on a shelf to a convenient and easy height.

It has 10 shelves in the unit and the carousel rotates around at the touch of a button.

It is designed to be an accessibility product, but once you see it in action (video below), you’ll also probably see it can have application in just about anyone’s home.

It certainly can reduce stretching and bending. As well as, safety, in situations where you may climbing up on something to try and reach an item on a top shelf.

The Zack Rack on display

Zack Rack – click to enlarge

As such, it could make a great addition to an accessible kitchen (or other rooms) for folks who are aging in place.

In this episode:

  • Hear the Zack Rack story
  • How the Zack Rack helps people remain independent at home.
  • People this cabinet system is helping today.
  • How Freedom Shelf Innovations gives back.
  • Upcoming products from Freedom Shelf Innovations.

Learn more about the Zack Rack

Here is the video that we mention in this episode.


Here are the ways you can learn more about the Zack Rack and Freedom Shelf Innovations, LLC.

Freedom Shelf Innovations, Inc.
340 Habersham Rd.
High Point, NC 27260


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