Vince Baiera, Creator of Step2Bed, Founder of Baiera Wellness Products

Vince Baiera, Creator of Step2Bed, Founder of Baiera Wellness Products

In this episode of Smart Retirement Life, listen in as Mark Hager talks with Vince Baiera, creator of Step2Bed and Founder of Baiera Wellness Products.


Vince started his career working as an ICU Nurse at The Cleveland Clinic and Duke University Hospital in the Cardiac ICU. After working as a traveling ICU Nurse, Vince stepped away from nursing to pursue Healthcare Consulting and Teaching.

After teaching at Central Nursing College in Los Angeles, CA for awhile, Vince moved on to start Baiera Wellness Products, a product development company. As a result from helping his own grandparents who struggled with mobility and falls, Vince developed the step2bed to help solve some of the issues they faced on a daily basis.

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In this episode:

This episode is clear full of goodness! Mark and Vince go beyond the normal information about a product to expose some of the hidden benefits of the Step2Bed. Also:

  • Hear why Vince left nursing to create products for older adults.
  • Learn about one specific customer that the Step2Bed has helped and how.
  • The core issues associated with aging in place (and aging health) that few people are trying to solve.
  • Much more!

Learn more about Step2Bed

» Get a Step2Bed for yourself or a loved one

If you would like to learn more about Step2Bed and the work Vince is doing at Baiera Wellness Products to help older adults, you can see their product information here.

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