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Medical Claims Assistance for Seniors

  Medical claims assistance services can help older consumers save money by ensuring they are only paying for medical bills for care they actually recieved. Seniors often pay more for medical care due to confusing insurance practices, including filing and tracking claims. A medical claims assistant will assist seniors aging in place by comparing medical records with … [Read more...]

Concierge Services For Seniors

  Concierge services for seniors can be similar to personal assistants in their offerings. The main difference is that most concierge services are ad-hoc, so seniors are choosing what works for them now; a personal assistant generally focuses on the day-to-day activities of an elderly person’s life. Some things you might do as a concierge services for seniors … [Read more...]

Errand Services for Seniors

  Errand services for seniors may be a great add-on service for your existing business or the idea to help you start your business. It is a fast growing business idea, with millions of older consumers who could use services like this. Errand services for seniors are a perfect way to help elderly people who are aging in place, and those that are temporarily or … [Read more...]