Magazine Clutter. Keep the Inspiration Without the Mess

Magazine clutter ... you've finally met your match. I said I would try to find ways to clean up the clutter in our homes. I finally got around to a project that has been in the making for years – and I mean years! Magazine clutter. An evil and common culprit of dust and junk in our homes. I’ve collected many magazines over the years. I don’t really anymore, but I used to … [Read more...]

The One Touch Rule Will Help Declutter Your Life & Home

It’s hard to argue with the “one touch rule.” I’ve tried to reason why it won’t work for me and, so, I’ve never truly applied it. Recently, I was having a mommy lunch with a friend (no kids allowed – for the 1st time in 4 years) and we had the opportunity to talk about all kinds of things that we usually don’t. Sadly, cleaning was one of them. Her home is gorgeous and … [Read more...]