5 Age in Place Technology Products You've Probably Never Heard of

5 Age in Place Technology Products You’ve Probably Never Seen

Age in place technology products have been enjoying a lot of media attention as of late. I don’t know what consumers feel about some of these new products, since a lot of companies seem to be building things without actually asking people if they would use them. (But, that’s another story.)

However, there are a few very cool and unique aging in place technology products we’ve discovered in the last little while. Not every one is available yet, since they’re so new. And, some are yet not available here in the U.S. That being said, they all have particular things that make them special compared to any competitors.

New & upcoming age in place technology products

Here are a list of 6 new or upcoming age in place technology products (in no particular order) that we’ve run across over the last month or so. We’ve included a video where possible so you can get a look at the product or technology. (Newsletter readers, please click each image to view the videos on our site.)


AssiStep is a new device that gives extra support for climbing stairs, and helps people to stay active and independent. It is installed along the stairs as a conventional handrail, but it also features a handle, giving extra support for people with reduced strength or balance. We think this is a sensible product with a lot of potential. (Not for everyone, of course.) Assistep is launching in Norway this fall and is not currently available in the U.S.

Imperium by Safe Care Technologies

Imperium is assistive technology that leverages home automation and event monitoring for the health and safety of older people. Control lighting, entertainment, home security, energy and more. Monitoring alerts can be configured and sent to family members or friends via text or email. One of the things that sets it apart from other age in place technology products are the controls. A person can use eye gaze, wheelchair switch or tablet device to control the system. Safe Care Technologies hails from Cork, Ireland. To our knowledge you can’t get their product and service in the U.S. However, we’d love to see more companies integrating automation and monitoring to this degree. Unfortunately, we we don’t have a video for Imperium,.

MyHomeReach by HealthComms

MyHomeReach is a software as a service that runs on your devices and helps you stay in contact with family, friends and professional caregivers. The application tracks well being, appointments, medications, and medical or other professional care appointment notes. It also allows for video chat between the user and anyone in their care network. Based in Ireland, HealthComms may be a company to watch, as it just deepened it’s partnership with Catholic Homes in Melbourne, Australia.


Evermind allows families to help keep an eye on an older loved one without being intrusive by monitoring appliance use in the home. By monitoring the usage of something such as a coffee pot, light or other appliance, family caregivers can spot breaks in routines which might indicate a problem. The system includes modules that plug into standard outlets that have WiFi built in and messages can be sent to caregivers about usage patterns.

Armourgel by Armourgel Ltd.

Though not a tech product, the technology behind it is amazing. Backed in-part earlier this year by the UK based Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowships, Armourgel Ltd. is making waves in the protective clothing market for older people. We’re going to call Armourgel a breakthrough age in place technology. The material is actually two different types of man made material designed to protect the body during impact and it is thin enough to be made into everyday clothing. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more from them in the states soon.

feature photo: Armourgel, Ltd.


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