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6 Amazing Lifestyle & Healthcare Technology Products

  Lifestyle and healthcare technology are some of the hottest topics, especially around this time of the year with the CES having just passed. There have been many tech products in the past few years that promised to change the world or at least how we live our lives; most have not lived up to those promises. I am a fan of lifestyle and healthcare technology, from home … [Read more...]

5 Age in Place Technology Products You’ve Probably Never Seen

Age in place technology products have been enjoying a lot of media attention as of late. I don't know what consumers feel about some of these new products, since a lot of companies seem to be building things without actually asking people if they would use them. (But, that's another story.) However, there are a few very cool and unique aging in place technology products … [Read more...]

5 Examples of Technology You Can Use Now

  You see, with the growth of the older population, there are a ton of companies struggling to meet their needs and create products they will want to use. At least, what they perceive the needs to be. Personally, I tend to be a little pragmatic when it comes to products. That may or may not be a good thing. But, in terms of real-world aging in place ideas, it is. In … [Read more...]