Organize Your Life. My Secret System That Never Fails Me

Organize your life with my secret system

It’s tough to organize your life. Well, at least for me it was. With all of the “stuff” (there’s the “S” word again) rolling around in our brains and sticky notes cluttering the refrigerator and reminders, pill boxes and business cards stuffed in our purses (or wallets), it is important to develop a simple way that works for you to help you remember the things you need to do or just plain want to think about later.

My grandma K has a hard time remembering where things are, which bills need to be paid and which errands she needs to run. And why not? She’s 85 years old, and sometimes she forgets things. I’m 41 and I would not want to go toe-to-toe with her about who can remember the most in a single day. Most all of us have way too much to remember day-to-day. That’s why you need a simple system to organize your life.

Steal my idea and organize your life

If you want to organize your life, you have to start somewhere. And, for me, it’s 1 small thing. The solution that works for me is not a magic potion, it’s not a technologically advanced system (don’t tell my husband), but one that is hassle free and simple: a notebook. It’s 5” X 7”, and I think it cost me about $2.00. A simple, brightly colored notebook is my key to organization. (So it’s easy to find and the colors make me happy!) It sounds a lot less important than it really has become. If it wasn’t for my go-to notebook, I think the walls might actually cave in on us.

Yes, that’s my actual notebook.[/caption]I purchase a new notebook and almost always start the first page with my first “to-do” list. I write the first item on the list and leave room for a check mark at the front of it. Then as the days go by I put everything in it. And I mean everything. I write down recipes, phone numbers, sometimes passwords, notes, ideas, things I want to do, cleaning and decorating tips I read, deadlines, important dates, etc. The pages are not organized with tabs or sticky notes, no additional files, no clear page sleeves, no complicated organizational system … no nothing. Just beautiful simplicity.

I regularly go through my notebook and take care of the things that need taking care of. Birthday ideas I put in my file on my computer when I have a second. Passwords get transferred to my password book I keep. Recipes are tried and/or transferred to my recipe program. Cleaning or decorating tips are tried and made part of my routine if I like them. Each item is taken care of when I have time and am in the mood. Once a page is handled, I throw it away. It’s gone. I never have to think about it again. All in my own time.

Additionally, when I have some business card, reminders or forms to fill out, they all get tucked into the back of the notebook. Each one discarded as the date passes or I take care of it. So this is my system, for good or bad. It works for me. I realize there are many programs out there that will take care of these things – send you alerts and reminders, file everything, and organize your life for you, but I have found there are so many things that are just right there in my hands, on paper, and they need a place to go. This organization system keeps all of my to-dos and paperwork in one place, right at hand. If I ever need anything, I just go to the notebook and there it is. Think about it – not having to try to remember prescriptions to pick up, recipes to try, flight information for the grandkids coming in or ideas for what your sister could use for her birthday. It’s all right there for you.

When you run out of pages, buy a new notebook. Start with your to-dos and take anything important or that you still want to try and post it in the new book. Throw out the old one. It’s that simple. And, that’s my system to organize your life.

So get rid of the notes all over your house, recipes on the fridge, piles of things to take care of on your end table/office and put it all in one place. It will help you organize your life very easily; it did for me. After all, sticky notes may work for some people, but I’d rather carry lipstick in my purse.

How do you organize your life? What works for you? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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