Live Simply in 7 (Not so Easy) Steps

Live Simply in 7 (Not so Easy) Steps

Live simply in 7 not so easy steps

I know there is a lot of advice out there about how to live simply. Not all of it will work for you, but some of it will. I’m working hard to simplify our life and so far, it’s been a success. But, sometimes it’s a lot of work to get there. Which sounds funny. However, we don’t mind putting some time and effort in to things that will make our life simple both now with a quick return as well as in the future.

I know that investing the time to live simply now will have a huge payoff. Clear minds, simple and clean household and processes that will be easy to adhere to even when our abilities and desires change – that’s my goal. Here are some basic concepts that I’m working towards to make life more simplified.

  • Simple mornings and nights – Create a schedule and stick to it so both times of the day are easier and less stressful.
  • Take care of finances – Here’s an area most of us wrestle with on a continued basis. Saving, spending, investing – It can get complicated. Make it easier by taking advantage of available technology such as automatic bill pay and speak with a financial advisor.
  • Remove clutter – This includes physical, mental and hectic schedules. The less you have going on in these areas, the more simplified your life will seem.
  • One day out – Basic idea, but a real time saver. Try to plan errands around appointments, lunch dates, etc. Not only will fewer trips out help de-clutter your schedule, but it will end up saving you gas money, too!
  • Plan meals ahead – Even if it is meals for 1, plan ahead a little. This will keep you from running to the store as often (and probably spending more on impulse buys while you are there) and will give you one less thing to worry about during the week. Not to mention having to cook fewer times!
  • Live healthy – A healthy lifestyle certainly can help simplify life by eliminating trips to the doctor, alleviating financial stress due to costly health issues and just plain keeping you feeling good both physically and mentally. Take the time to take care of yourself as it pays off now and in the future.
  • Keep meaningful relationships – We’ve all had friends come and go in our lives. I believe each person we meet plays a role in our lives; they’re there for a reason. But some relationships allow us to grow and are more enriching and loving than others. Decide what is meaningful to you and put more effort toward those relationships. Don’t sweat the rest.

Live simply … one day at a time

Each of these items are things I’m working on in my own life to help us live simply. It’s an ongoing process, and I’m sure it will evolve as the years pass and life changes. But I think these are some good basic “rules” to start living by. I’ll have future posts that discuss each of these with some ideas on how to make them work and how we are making them work here. Of course, most of my posts will be aimed at – no matter how small it seems – helping achieve these goals and helping all of us simplify.

Let me know your ideas on how to live simply (because I reserve the right to amend my list at any time!).


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