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Simplify: A journey to living simply.


  Living simply is something many of us begin to desire, especially as we pass through our 40's and start thinking about our years after retirement.

I've come to believe that living simply leads to more focus and practicing that will help us live more intentionally.

So, if you find the idea of living simply appealing, I invite you join me as I embark on a new journey to create a life with less distraction, stuff and fuss, and filled with more creativity and intention. Starting right here, right now. Here's to ... living simply.

Living simply articles

Still Waiting for the Happy New Year

It seems, this year, that we have heard nothing but bad news. So, with that being said, I’m feeling pretty sad. The holidays have arrived, a time when everyone should be appreciating the fun, the family, and the ridiculous sweaters. I’ve tried to be happy, but a few weeks ago a train in … Read the Full Article ...

10 Jobs for Retirees Who Want to Work at Home

For retirees, there are many reasons why you might want to return to the world of work. Maybe you just want a bit of extra money for a holiday later in the year. Perhaps you’re just looking for … Read the Full Article ...

Am I Too Old to Be “#MeToo”?

One of my dearest clients was in my office last week to discuss some financial planning, and as we began, she started crying. She had recently read one of my blogs and she’d also take one of my self … Read the Full Article ...

Hidden costs of aging in place

5 Hidden Costs of Aging in Place

Aging in place means being able to live in your own home and community safely, independently and comfortably. Some older people might consider moving into an assisted living facility or a newer … Read the Full Article ...

Smaart House – Home Automation for Aging in Place With Bijou Lulla

In this episode of Smart Retirement Life, listten in as Mark Hager talks with Bijou Lulla, the Founder and CEO of Smaart House, a technology provider for aging in place in San Diego, CA. He helps … Read the Full Article ...

Nucleus Anywhere Intercom

Nucleus is the intercom you always wanted to have. Video calls room-to-room or home-to-home. It doesn't matter if you're in the same house or across the globe; Nucleus can keep you connected with … Read the Full Article ...

Nucleus Anywhere Intercom Review was provided with free product in return for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own, and not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates. All … Read the Full Article ...

Safest cars for seniors

The Safest Cars for Seniors

When Cecil Britton, a retired Lockheed engineer, considered buying a new car this year, he wanted one that would help him drive more easily and more safely. “I’m still in pretty good shape,” says … Read the Full Article ...

Phishing - Seniors security

No Phishing for Christmas

This time of year, we’re all busy getting prepared for the holidays by shopping, watching Hallmark movies, waiting for snow, and watching more Hallmark movies. Then, there is the Grinch literally … Read the Full Article ...

Living simply with Simplify

All the articles about living simply here are part of a journey; one that I'm sharing with you. It probably goes without saying, but everything contained in the articles are my opinions and should not be considered professional advice.

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