Communities - Aging in Place

Building Communities Friendly to Aging

In February and March of 2008 an online conference was held to highlight the why and how of creating aging friendly communities. The Creating Aging-Friendly Communities conference brought people and organizations together who are working to make their cities more friendly to the aging in place. Cities all over the country are experiencing rapid growth in their number of … [Read more...]

Tennessee & New York Plan Action for Older Americans

New York The University of Buffalo has conducted a survey of it's 50+ adults in order to better understand the needs and desires of this growing age group. The study highlights several items; some surprising, some not. The information that was collected proves something that many communities are starting to see: The majority of older people want to stay in their own homes as … [Read more...]

Local United Way Now Funding Aging in Place

The United Way in Ann Arbor, MI has begun changing the way they distribute funds to human services organizations in the area. In a nutshell, they identified and adopted 5 types of human services they would provide funding for, and aging in place is one of them. Not that we're seers, but this may catch on. Watch the video for more information.     … [Read more...]

College to build Aging in Place Community on Campus

Purchase College in Albany now has approval to build a senior community on-campus. The college has been trying to get approval for this project for years and is looked at as a win-win situation for the college (and it's students) and the future residents. The community will contain up to 385 senior housing units and will be the only one its kind on a Ney York State University … [Read more...]

UK local government spearheads project to keep older people safe at home

The Bolton Council has teamed up with Careline to provide remote monitoring devices and service for older people. Sensors to detect falls, movement in the home, epileptic seizures, extreme temperatures variations, entry and exit from the home and bed and/or chair occupancy are among the list of technologies being implemented. The monitoring services (provided by Careline) will … [Read more...]