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For decades, people have been dreaming of the automated home of the future, with many conceptualized home automation ideas of just what that would look like. Worlds Fairs, movies and even Disney have taken a stab at crafting a vision of what it might be.


Though not a new concept, assistive domotics is one that is finally gaining some traction. Early systems were too difficult for the average person to use, lacked functionality and were too expensive to be feasible for the general public. Systems and components are now more affordable (and more readily available). There are also more systems in the marketplace, which has created an environment of competition.


It's easier now than ever to get a system installed and you don't have to perform a major home remodeling project to take advantage of it. There are also plenty of new systems on the market for those more inclined for DIY projects.


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Home automation - Aging in place home technology
Learn more about home automation and how it can help improve your lifestyle, home safety and your quality of life as you grow older.

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