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Home Remodeling Can Increase Home Value, Improve Quality of Life

Home modifications to age in place and marketability.

Aging in place remodeling can increase value

Many people think that modifying their home for aging in place will have a negative impact on the value of their home by making it look sterile and hospital like. If modifications are done properly, they not only look good, but they can help you stay in your home longer, keep you safe, and increase the future demand for your home.


The following home modifications can improve your quality of life in several ways.

Improved Mobility

Modifying your home can improve mobility. Such mall changes as providing wider doorways, low-lip entries, removing clutter and removing/securing throw rugs can instantly improve mobility, as well as safety. These changes are positive for people of all abilities, not just those looking to age in place.

Improved Lighting

Adding additional lighting can have significant on your environment. The addition of more lighting allows you to better focus on tasks and allows see better in order to maneuver throughout the home.

Improved Stability

Installation of the proper equipment can help a person’s stability and improve their ability to age in place. Adding grab bars, shower chairs, raised toilets and other items that help people maintain stability can greatly increase the safety of the home.

Modifying your home can strengthen its resale value

Increasing Appeal

The number of baby boomers 55 and over is increasing at a staggering rate. As this trend continues, the demand will increase for homes that are already suitable to age in place. Baby Boomers are going to modify their current home or purchase a home where they can age in place. Having a home that is properly modified will increase the number of potential buyers and separate you from competing houses that have not been modified.

Decreased Move In Cost for Future Buyers

A home that already has been modified will reduce the to-do list that a potential buyer has to address in order to move in. Since Universal Design positively impacts the lives of people with all abilities, having a modified home is positive for all potential buyers.

Updated Appearance

Modifying your home provides an updated appearance and helps increase the resale value.   While you are working on your age in place modifications, think about current trends in the market. Current trends may dictate your choices that will help update the appearance, while maintaining improved functionality of the space.

Properly modifying your home can greatly increase its livability as well as improve your ability to sell in the future.  Seek the advice of a professional and contact your local Certified Aging in Place Specialist for more information on what you can do, to safely age in place.


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