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Bedroom Safety


When planning for safety in the home where you will be aging in place, the bedroom safety must be one of the focus areas for your safety plans.

This is a list of senior bedroom safety tips, most of which you can implement with very little effort or expense. You can see even more bedroom ideas in our Aging In Place Home Ideas Bedroom section.

Bedroom safety tips

Aging in place bedroom safety

Bedroom Safety

  • Keep a flashlight in easy reach of the bed.
  • A smoke detector is installed near the bedroom.
  • Install automatic lights that will come on automatically once someone is out of bed and set them to automatically light the way to the bathroom. This can help reduce falls for an elderly person.
  • Door handles are lever style & drawer handles are “D” style for easy access.
  • Have a light switch at the doorway & ensure it is easily reached.
  • Have a chair in the room where you can sit to dress.
  • There is a sturdy chair with arms where an elderly person can sit to dress. This can increase safety while dressing.
  • No throw rugs. Smooth floors are preferable, especially in case of wheelchair use.
  • Keep the bedroom floor clear of clutter, especially around the bed. Slips and falls are the number one cause of accidents in the home for the elderly.
  • Check all electrical chords are in good shape on do not cross walkways
  • Door thresholds are low and beveled to reduce tripping
  • Windows are easily opened from the inside
  • Closet is easily accessible and contents are easily reached.
  • Light switch or lamp easily reached from bed will increase safety (reducing falls in the dark).
  • Bed is the proper height for person & any necessary assistive devices are installed properly (bedrails, handles for lifting, lifts, etc.)

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