Elder Abuse Statistics: A Silent Epidemic - Infographic

Elder Abuse: A Silent Epidemic – Infographic

Each and every year millions of older Americans are victims of elder abuse, neglect or exploitation. Elder abuse statistics from the last few years show these people suffer great physical and financial loss as a result of this abuse.

For some, the abuse results in their death. For many, the effects of the abuse will lead to death. Elder abuse is under reported, believed by many to be due to shame and fear felt by the victims.

It affects men and women from all ethnic backgrounds, social status and sexual orientation.

Elder abuse statistics show it’s rampant

The elder abuse statistics represented in this infographic show that the occurrence is continually on the rise. And, the abuse can take many forms, including neglect, physical abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse and others. It is not just a nursing home problem, either. Abuse happens daily in private homes, family homes and other living situations.

These elder abuse statistics represent cases that were reported. It happens a lot more. Some say only 1 in 23 cases are reported.

As a nation, it is our collective responsibility to ensure the safety of all our citizens, including the elderly. We urge you to learn more about elder abuse and get involved to protect the millions who can’t protect themselves.

Elder Abuse Statistics Infographic


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  1. wow! So sad.

  2. When we warehouse our elders out of sight to save $, what do we expect will happen? @GIAging

  3. Thanks Mark, elder abuse (and elder financial abuse) are topics I’ve written about, commented about, and posted about frequently. You’ve done another great job here!


  4. Mark Hager Mark Hager says:

    Steve, thank you for the compliment. To all, I appreciate you taking the time to speak up about this issue. It is so important to our nation. Look for more about elder abuse on our site very soon.

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