Reemo™ - Gesture Control for Home Automation Systems

Say Hello To Reemo™ – Gesture Control For Home Automation Systems

Reemo™ is a new product that we’re very excited about. Reemo™ allows you to control your home automation system networked devices with interactive gestures using your hands. That may sound a little dull, but trust me, it is far from boring.

The reason this product is worth getting excited about is that Reemo™ takes home automation to the next level. We’ve talked before about voice control for home automation (which is still incredible), but the Reemo™ device simplifies the control of your home automation system to something you can do by simply moving your hand.


What is Reemo™?

Reemo™ wristband

Reemo™ wristband

Reemo™ is a band that fits comfortably on your wrist. The Reemo™ band interprets your movement into unique gestures and transmits them via Bluetooth to your home automation system.

Use it to turn on your lights, lock or unlock your door, turn on a fan and more. The possibilities are only as limited as your home automation system. According to their website, Reemo™ currently works with open home automation systems, but will become compatible with an increasing number of systems in the future.

Reemo™ is a product developed by Playtabase, which is based in Minneapolis, MN.


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