Dustin Jones, PT - Episode 6 Smart Retirement Life

Dustin Jones, PT – Smart Retirement Life


Join Mark Hager as he talks with Dustin Jones, PT. Dustin is a home health Physical Therapist, with a background in athletic training, fitness, and orthopedics.

He works to bridge the gap between fitness and rehab for older adults.

He’s also the founder of Senior Rehab Project, where he helps other clinicians who work with older adults to better serve the health needs of their patients.


In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How challenging our bodies leads to longer, healthier lives.
  • The three exercises you can add to your life to improve your health.
  • What are movement snacks, and how can they help you with your health or or the health of your parent you might be caring for?
  • Why you should get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • About the Senior Rehab Project.

More about Dustin Jones, PT

If you would like to learn more about Dustin Jones, you can visit his website at http://seniorrehabproject.com.
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