Aging in Place Bathroom Remodel: Abbie Sladick

This condominium remodel balances beauty and accessibility to meet the present and future needs of our client’s changes in physical ability.  This project features many Aging in Place home modifications and innovative applications of standard building materials to create a residence that reflects personal style and timeless design. note: click on an image to enlarge. use … [Read more...]

Announcing the 2009 Aging in Place Business Survey

As you know, is focused on helping older people maintain their quality of life and received the care they need as they age. And, as such, people who are in the business of providing service in our communities to seniors and their families are incredibly important for us to meet that goal. As part of that effort, our sister site has launched … [Read more...]

Why Choose a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®?

Buying or selling a home is an important event in your life. We all know that having a real estate agent makes these processes easier. For Baby Boomers and seniors, it is even more important to have an agent on your side, since this event can seriously impact your future. There are many real estate agents to choose from in just about every town. With all of the advertising … [Read more...]