How Pinterest Can Teach You About Universal Design

It might seem odd that we would combine Pinterest and Universal Design together. But, Pinterest is an incredible source of curated information; it is a treasure trove of interesting content. The content that people share on Pinterest includes quite a bit of good information about Universal Design and how it can be applied to your home.

Universal Design is the design of something (a product, environment, interface, etc.) so it can be used by anyone. In context of aging in place, Universal Design is used to create said products or environments (such as a home) in a way that they are easily used, interacted with and lived in, which contributes to an older person’s quality of life.

pinterest-logoFor this article, we’re going to focus on learning more about Universal Design for the home environment on Pinterest. For aging in place, you want to focus on every area of the home and Universal Design can make all of those areas accessible for everyone.

Learning about Universal Design basics

People in home remodeling, interior design, architecture and other professions spend years learning about Universal Design. I’m not suggesting you’ll know everything there is to know by hanging out on Pinterest. Rather, I’m saying you can gather a lot of practical information about Universal Design and how it can apply to your own home. Click each image to enlarge & visit the links for more info.

Universal Design principles found  Pinterest / source: Caludine Casabonne

source: Caludine Casabonne

Some of the principles of Universal Design are covered in this post by Claudine Casabonne found on Pinterest, including equitable use, flexibility in use, simple and intuitive, perception information and more. In the article she states:

“… design that works for people with disabilities should also work for everyone; it’s good design, period. The goal is inclusive design, which doesn’t need adaptation. ”

Universal Design Numbers to Know / source: National Builder Supply

source: National Builder Supply

How you get around your home is pretty important and part of that is the space that is required to successfully navigate the areas of your home. National Builder Supply has an article on Pinterest that shows some of the numbers you should know about Universal Design for aging in place, including things such as 32″ being the recommended width of interior doorways (to accommodate wheelchair access) and needing 48″ is the maximum height for any type of controls, light switches or power outlets.

Bob VIla on Universal Design / source: Bob Vila

source: Bob Vila

Another great post about Universal Design found on the Universal Architecture board is a diagram by home remodeling expert Bob Vila that shows some common applications in a home.

It is chock full of great information, including where Universal Design can be used, what types of hardware to use get the accessibility you need, how much space is needed for access in various areas of the home and much, much more.

Seeing practical application on Pinterest

COS Design found on Pinterest / source:  design rulez

source: Design rulez

This is where it gets fun and one of the reasons Pinterest is such a great resource for people. Pinterest allows the average person to find interesting things that other people have found online.

This bathroom by C.O.S Design was found on Pinterest from the Design rulz website. This beautiful bathroom has some nice Universal Design represented, including a roll-in shower (with colors that look amazing), great lighting, a roll-under sink and lots of room.

Unversal Design kitchen source: Stanton Homes

source: Stanton Homes

This kitchen would be great for nearly anyone, young and old alike. It has quite a few bits of Universal Design included.

Notice the roll-under sink, stacked ovens (one at accessible height), beautiful cabinetry and counter tops, lots of open space and tons of lighting (including plenty of natural light).

Universal Design living room / source: JVA Construction

source: JVA Construction

This living room from JVA Construction is not only gorgeous, but it embraces the idea of simplicity and beauty.

The amazing wood floor is open and uncluttered (perfect for aging in place). The wall color and sparse decorations help create a relaxing atmosphere. And, the lighting in the room is perfect; just enough natural light, with additional lights for evening, but nothing too bright.

Pinterest is all about inspiration

So, there you have it. You can use Pinterest to start learning about Universal Design (or lots of other things). Something that makes pinterest a great tool is the photos. You can find thousands of images at any given time and for just about any topic. Home remodeling, accessible kitchens and bathrooms, entryways and more.

Finding inspiration for any project is possible there or find resources to learn just about anything. Including, Universal Design and how it can help you in your life.

Why not take a minute to go to Pinterest? Follow us, start your own searching about Universal Design and, above all, share what you find!

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