Take it easy while getting up

Get up slowly after sitting or lying down. … [Read more...]

Install good lighting

At entrances, in hallways, on stairs, in bathrooms and kitchens and any other areas that require good lighting to navigate safely. Use lamps, night lights and easily accessible flashlights.   … [Read more...]

Remove the clutter

Including coffee tables, plants, rugs, baskets, magazine racks and additional furniture and other items such as shoes and electrical cords that you can trip over.   … [Read more...]

Safety in the bathroom

Add grab bars and non-slip surfaces to bathrooms and bathtubs.   … [Read more...]

Check Sunday newspapers for coupons

Many people shy away from coupons. However, they can be a great source of savings for seniors. Weekly specials and coupons are typically run in Sunday papers. … [Read more...]

Get your bread at more reasonable prices

Check your area for a bakery outlet or bakery thrift store for deeply discounted bread, buns and other baked goods.   … [Read more...]

Always use or freeze leftovers for later

Label food you put in the freezer so you don’t keep them too long or forget what each container holds.   … [Read more...]