Check Sunday newspapers for coupons

Many people shy away from coupons. However, they can be a great source of savings for seniors. Weekly specials and coupons are typically run in Sunday papers. … [Read more...]

Get your bread at more reasonable prices

Check your area for a bakery outlet or bakery thrift store for deeply discounted bread, buns and other baked goods.   … [Read more...]

Always use or freeze leftovers for later

Label food you put in the freezer so you don’t keep them too long or forget what each container holds.   … [Read more...]

Purchase family packages

Even if you are cooking for one. For example, purchase chicken breasts in the family pack for a discount and then individually wrap them and freeze them for easy access to one piece whenever you need it.   … [Read more...]

Take the Discount

Check with your store for a senior discount policy.   … [Read more...]