Home Automation Articles for Aging in Place

Home automation opens up a whole new world to those aging in place. By using this home technology, the automated home can provide a greater level of safety, security, enjoyment and quality of life. These articles are a good place to start learning about specific home automation technologies that can help those wanting to create their forever home.

Smart Home Innovations. You Have to Watch This!

  Smart home innovations are a hot topic. Nearly every day I hear about a new product or concept. Home automation presents new opportunities for older consumers and their families in the areas of home comfort, safety and lifestyle. I've spent a few years anticipating the … [Read more...]

Home Security and Surveillance

Home security and surveillance can be an exciting and beneficial combination to add to your home or home automation system. Adding video surveillance can help you keep an eye of your home, and ensure your family members are safe and secure. Home security and surveillance … [Read more...]

Fibaro Home Intelligence

  The new Fibaro home automation system has got us a little more inspired. Their new product series aims to integrate home automation into your life on your terms and, ultimately, improve your lifestyle. Just to be clear, Fibaro does not state that their home automation … [Read more...]

DIY Home Automation or Professionally Installed?

  Deciding whether to have a DIY home automation system or have it professionally installed is a personal choice. Many people like the challenge of a technical project, but others do not. It depends on how interested you are in home automation or if you just like what it … [Read more...]

What is a Home Automation System?

  What is a home automation system and what does it do? A home automation system is a network of sensors, controllers, switches, interfaces and devices that allow a person to have control over the devices connected to the network, including responses to certain events. … [Read more...]

Home Automation Can Be a Help for Family Caregivers

  As a caregiver, you want the best possible quality of life for your loved one. You want them to be safe, comfortable and enjoy their home life. Well, home automation can be a help for family caregivers, helping you have more peace of mind knowing they are doing just … [Read more...]

Say Hello To Reemo™ – Gesture Control For Home Automation Systems

Reemo™ is a new product that we're very excited about. Reemo™ allows you to control your home automation system networked devices with interactive gestures using your hands. That may sound a little dull, but trust me, it is far from boring. The reason this product is worth … [Read more...]