Home Security and Surveillance

Home security and surveillance can be an exciting and beneficial combination to add to your home or home automation system. Adding video surveillance can help you keep an eye of your home, and ensure your family members are safe and secure.

Home security and surveillance systems allow you to view live video of your home over the Internet on a computer’s web browser, or on a smart phone or tablet. Many of these systems will also allow you to record video for you to view later. They can also take photos at certain times or if a predefined event occurs (with motion sensors), which can be emailed to you.

Using home security with video surveillance, you can check on all the places in your home where cameras are present, whether you’re away or at home. With a smart phone or tablet, you could check on the backyard from the comfort of your living room.

Many professionals will tell you that just having a system will decrease your chances of crime. If a criminal suspects you have home security with video surveillance, it is a deterrent.

Home security and surveillance benefits

Home security and surveillance

Home security and surveillance

For homeowners:
In addition to what was mentioned above, home security and surveillance will help you know what is going on at your house when you’re away. You also can use it to check on the outside of
your home, including all entrances, hard-to-see areas, backyards and more with a camera made for outdoors.

For caregivers:
Home security and surveillance can let you look in on older parents or family members. With this ability, knowing your parents are safe is very easy. Not to mention, if you have the system setup to notify you of certain events, you can view a live video stream of the house if you get notified that something is wrong. For example, if you had sensors that monitored for window breaks, you could immediately view what is going on in their home to see if things are OK.

Another nice benefit is that with the right home security and surveillance system, you can use it to check who is at the door when the doorbell rings. Though it sounds simple, anyone in the home could use a tablet or a TV to see who was at the door before going near the door. This is a very nice security feature.

What is in a system?

A home security and surveillance system is generally made from several different types of equipment. Some of the equipment you might find include:

Cameras – Both wired and wireless camera systems are available. Cameras also have a variety of additional functionality, such as night vision, panning and tilting, remote control or other features. There are also indoor or outdoor models, ones that are waterproof and vandal proof available.

Digital video recorders (DVR) – These boxes are used to record and store the digital video recorded by your system.

Viewing equipment – Typically, the video will be viewable with a monitor (closed circuit television) or with apps installed on a smart phone, tablet and/or a web browser on a computer.

Home security & surveillance video

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