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8 Small Bathrooms That Shine

Small bathrooms can seem tough; especially when you’re planning a bathroom remodeling project. Not everyone interested in home remodeling has a spacious bathroom area, but there is a ton of potential in small bathrooms. If one of your bathrooms is small, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a few amazing small bathrooms that are sure to provide some inspiration.

These small bathrooms have some features that we really love and some that are perfect for an older person. These bathrooms range from small to medium-sized, but all have features that could be incorporated into a small bathroom. Most have accessible design built in, including no or low-step showers, pedestal or roll-under sinks and one is even a wet room! All of them are just beautiful. Click on each photo for a larger version.

Design ideas for small bathrooms

1. Virtus Design

Small bathroom - Virtus Design, New York, NY

photo: Virtus Design – New York, NY

This bathroom by Virtus Design just smacks of good taste. The lighting, colors, tile and trim really bring this room together. So much so, the accessibility features are almost hidden.

2. Cairn Construction, Inc.

Small bathroom design - Cairn Construction, Inc, San Francisco, CA

photo: Cairn Construction, Inc. – San Francisco, CA

An absolute beauty by Cairn Construction in our list of small bathrooms has an incredible roll-in shower for a small space; just gorgeous. The shower area is complimented by plenty of light and soothing natural colors.

3. Wanda Ely Architect, Inc.

Small bathroom - Wanda Ely Architect Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada

photo: Wanda Ely Architect Inc. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A little bit larger than some of the other bathrooms in this list, this bathroom by Wanda Ely mixes the soothing spa feel with tons of functionality. Built-in shelving, lots of light, a roll-under sink and lots of open floor space.

4. Rebecca Naughtin Architect

Small bathroom - Rebecca Naughtin Architect

photo: Rebecca Naughtin Architect, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

This bathroom by Rebecca Naughtin just looks so fresh. The roll-in shower adds some much-desired accessibility and the colors really pop.  The design is reminiscent of a farmhouse, with a modern flair.

5. Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

Small bathrooms - Harrell Remodeling, Inc., Mountain View, CA

photo: Harrell Remodeling, Inc., Mountain View, CA

One of our favorites on our small bathrooms list, with lots of accessibility built into this design by Harrell Remodeling, Inc. It includes grab bars, roll-under sink and its a wet room to boot! Cool stone colors and versatility set the tone.

6. Knight Construction / Design

Small bathrooms - Knight Construction / Design, Chanhassen, MN

photo: Knight Construction / Design, Chanhassen, MN

The rich colors and natural stone colors in this bathroom by Knight Construction/Design really make it feel sophisticated. The shower is just beautiful, with amazing tile work. Those towel hooks are incredible!

7. Adams+Beasley Associates

Small bathrooms - Adam+Beasley Associates, Carlisle, MA

photo: Adam+Beasley Associates, Carlisle, MA

This bathroom by Adams+Beasley is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice style for size. A functional mix of elegance and artistry, including a low-step shower, storage and serious attention to detail.

8. Beauparlant Design

Small bathrooms - Beauparlant Design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

photo: Beauparlant Design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A quiet melding of utility and charm, this bathroom by Beauparlant Design is perfect for someone who wants minimalism, but with style. This unique bathroom features a roll-in shower, grab bars and more.


If you like these, have other ideas for small bathrooms or would like to see more, let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.


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