The Safest Cars for Seniors

When Cecil Britton, a retired Lockheed engineer, considered buying a new car this year, he wanted one that would help him drive more easily and more safely. “I’m still in pretty good shape,” says Britton, 79, whose previous cars included a 2006 Honda Odyssey and a 2015 Accord. “But I noticed that when I’d get in my Odyssey I wasn’t able to back it up and look to see things … [Read more...]

The Best New Car Technology To Provide Safer And Easier Driving

New car technology is continually improving. Car manufacturers spend huge sums of money to provide their customers with the latest gadgets and features. Many of these features are aimed at providing a safer driving experience, giving the driver greater control and to help reduce running costs. The four new car technology examples below have been particularly important in … [Read more...]

Senior Driving is Getting Positive Attention

If you are approaching the days when you may have to start considering taking the keys away from your elderly parents, this is for you. Car makers and researchers around the world have answered the call to develop new vehicles with senior drivers in mind. Here are links to four different stories that were recently in the news that may give you an idea of what is to … [Read more...]