6 Tech Products For Home, Fun & Life

When you read about new tech products, you almost always run into someone who says something along the lines of, “technology is invading our lives.” Well, yes; it has. But, I don’t know that it is a bad thing.

Honestly, tech products can be an indicator of scientific advancement, creative expression and even shifts in the things that are driving our society; sometimes important things.

I’ve mentioned recently that many companies are building things meant for “older” consumers and they have no idea if the products are even wanted. You know why that is? They’re looking at it all wrong. Older consumers have aspirations, goals, desires, problems, etc… just like everyone else. They don’t want to be put in a box; they want to live outside of the box. (My opinions, of course. Any companies out there listening?)

Pretty cool tech products

Can I say “cool?” You don’t mind, right? Because, as you’re about to see, some of these tech products are just that. To my points above, and pretty unlike anything “tech” I’ve ever written about, here are six products that are way beyond what marketing companies would label “made for Boomers.”

Some out-of-the-box and not necessarily practical. And, in some cases, slightly near the fringe. I hope you enjoy it. (Wait until you see the last one … it’s a doosie!)


For those that love to travel and crave adventure, Nixie lets you capture those moments you don’t want to forget. Nixie is a camera that you wear on your wrist … and it flies! Nixie goes into action with a gesture and allows you to capture whatever you’re doing from a perspective you could never get without a little help. (Friends not included.) Visit : http://flynixie.com.



GlassesOff is an app for your phone that improves near vision, supposedly to the point where you no longer need reading glasses. GlassesOff claims to have developed a way to do this by training your brain and improving the  ability of your brain to process images. Visit: http://www.glassesoff.com


Philips Hue Go

The Hue Go lights from Philips is something akin to a soft glow lantern in bowl form. Weird, I know. But, they look amazing! So, if you want something to help set the mood (for a gathering of friends, of course) or just want to add some ambiance for a movie night at home, it’s got you covered. Visit: http://www2.meethue.com/en-xx/the-range/hue-go



Let’s face it: we don’t all sleep as well as we should. Busy lives and minds can deprive you that all important rest. There are plenty of wearables out there that they say can help you improve your sleep, but you have to wear them. Beddit is a little different. A slim monitoring strap goes under you while you sleep, monitors your sleep patterns and communicates with your phone. Visit: http://www.beddit.com



Jibo is robotics like you’ve never seen. Not in a sci-fi way; in a practical way. Jibo reminds you of tasks and events, can recognize and deliver messages to family members, can know when you want him to take a photo by your body language and can make video calls more natural by following you as you talk. Visit: http://myjibo.com



CoeLux has created an artificial skylight. That probably doesn’t sound that interesting, but you’ve got to see it to believe it. The light from these skylights is so real; so vivid. Imagine this in a basement, home office or even in a bedroom. Visit: http://www.coelux.com/en/home-page/index


What do you think?

Yes, not all of these have a place in every person’s life. Sure, several are probably ridiculously expensive. However, they give us a little glimpse of what is possible. And, sometimes, that’s what we need to get a glimpse of what the future might hold.

Which one was your favorite? Do you know of any other really cool products? Leave me a note in the comments or let me know on Twitter @aging_in_place or @MarkHager.


Featured Image courtesy of CoeLux


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