Long Term Care for Seniors Slideshow From Kaiser Family Foundation & JAMA

We are hearing more and more about long term care for seniors. It is no wonder, either, with the number of retired Baby Boomers growing. They, along with everyone else, should be keenly interested in protecting their health, family and lifestyle during a period of need. This is what long term care planning can help you do.

This slideshow, entitled A Short Look At Long Term Care For Seniors was created for the Visualizing Health Policy infographic series and produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation in partnership with the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

A Short Look At Long Term Care For Seniors

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Thinking about your future and long term care

If you haven’t given thought to your own future and the needs you may have, there will never a better time than right now. Talking to a your physician, long term care insurance provider or financial planner can help you begin understanding the needs that are common to people as they age and what you can do to prepare for any care that you may need.

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