Aging in Place Bathroom Photos

An aging in place bathroom has been designed to meet the unique or general usability needs of the people that use them. Remodeling your bathroom to help you or a loved one that is aging in place will require some planning. As you will see in these photos, it can be beautiful … [Read more...]

Accessible Kitchen Cabinets – Photos

Accessible kitchen cabinets are one feature you can have in your kitchen that can really make a difference. Most of what you will find in these photos will be designed to make a kitchen more accessible for seniors or elderly aging in place. However, the nice thing about having … [Read more...]

Wheelchair Accessible Kitchens – Photos

Many home owners find themselves in need of wheelchair accessible kitchens, whether for themselves, a spouse or other family member. Accessibility is key for those who use a wheelchair; especially for seniors or elderly people. Having a kitchen that functions the way a person … [Read more...]

Aging in Place Kitchens Photos

Aging in place kitchens are ones that meets the usability needs of the people that use it. Preparing your kitchen for your later years in life takes a little planning, but you can create something amazing with a little inspiration. An amazing kitchen isn't just about food, … [Read more...]

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations can have a great impact on the usability & enjoyment of your kitchen. Now, not all kitchen remodeling has to be done just because it makes your kitchen easier to use. You can choose to make some upgrades or changes just because they are beautiful! Kitchen … [Read more...]

Home Remodeling for Aging in Place – A pragmatic view

Home Remodeling for Aging in Place is not something all Boomers think of on a regular basis. Thousands of the older Baby Boomer generation turn 65 every day. And, as a result of growing older, they are living the ills that befall us all as we age; stiff joints, illness or other … [Read more...]

Elizabeth R.K. Tomoso, OTR – Makawao, HI

Aging in place services Makawao, HI home based occupational therapy practice, Independent Life Solutions provides functional home remodeling consultation services to help seniors aging in place with accessibility, home safety and fall prevention. Contact Elizabeth R.K. Tomoso, … [Read more...]