Finding the Right Community Infographic – Livable Communities

  Livable communities enhance the quality of life of those that live there. They are inclusive, engaging and help provide residents a safe, enjoyable and usable life among their neighbors. Livable communities are made up of a variety of elements, including housing, … [Read more...]

6 Things You Have to Know for Successful Aging in Place

  In this video, Mark Hager discusses 6 ideas you need to understand for successful aging in place. Great for your personal planning or for a friend. It can help you achieve your age in place goals. Please share with your friends, relatives or online … [Read more...]

Long Term Care Facts – Infographic

  This long term care facts infographic is part of our series, "Why we have to figure out aging in place". In the series, we are exploring topics that relate to aging in place which we feel are going to be major obstacles for people. Specifically, things that are … [Read more...]

A Realistic View of Aging in America: Why We Need to Figure Out Aging in Place – Infographic

  As part of an ongoing effort to educate consumers about these and other aging issues, we're creating a new series of infographics, articles and videos called, "Why We Have to Figure Out Aging in Place. This piece provides a high-level view of the current and future … [Read more...]