Home Automation Bedroom for Aging in Place

This home automation bedroom was featured at CEDIA 2012 Expo. The video, entitled, “Home of the Future 2016 – Aging in Place – the Bedroom,” highlights aging in place technology to help seniors, elderly and disabled people stay in their homes longer.

The technology shown here utilizes several technologies that are very useful for aging in place. Including, biometric access control (fingerprint access to open doors … useful for those with dementia that might wander), monitoring whether someone is in or out of bed, security, interactive touchscreens for communication outside of the home, automatic medication reminder, temperature control and more.

It also highlights the ideas of automated emergency unlocking of doors, sensing whether or not the refrigerator has been opened, monitoring blood pressure and weight, and other technologies available now.

Home automation bedroom video

Home automation can be used today to help people to age in place. The technology is widely available and becoming more affordable. Be sure to see other automation articles, videos and information in this section.


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Mark Hager is an aging in place thought leader and advocate. He is the founder of AgeInPlace.com, CEO of Age in Place Networks, a leading authority in the aging in place niche and a trusted voice for both consumers and business owners serving older consumers. Over the years, Mark has provided help for thousands of consumers, organizations and small businesses.


  1. Mark, I’m looking at adding a Home Automation System to my product mix. What do you think about GrandCare Systems or Independa? Your articles on Aging In Place and Home Automation Systems are so educational! Thanks, Chuck/CAPS

  2. Mark Hager Mark Hager says:

    Chuck, I think it is great that you are looking for new ways to support your clients with technology like this.

    GrandCare and Independa are both fine products and worthy of consideration for a lot of families. Both provide a level of monitoring via sensors, video, reminders and a host of other features.

    From what I know, GrandCare has invested in home automation by allowing some control of devices with the system. I have not seen anything about that type of control with Independa. That doesn’t mean they don’t; I just couldn’t verify it. If you have a link to point me to, I’d appreciate it.

    For clarification for anyone else that reads this, both of these systems are caregiving technology. Any home automation capabilities are there to support that goal. Neither were designed to be a pure home automation product.

    I understand why a business would want to choose products like these to offer to clients. They are strong names in the niche and have had pretty good success. My only word of caution is that you go into it knowing that any home automation functionality is going to be limited at first. Not that it doesn’t work or it won’t be enough for a particular situation, just that automation is an extension of their primary offering.

    If you want to talk more about home automation, I’m happy to share what I know. Give me a call or drop me a note some time.

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