Scams. Don’t Be A Sucker!

I didn’t intend to write another post on fraud, but something “got my goat.” I must receive at least six e-mail scams a day about my winnings in the lottery. I read them and laugh at the spelling errors, the ridiculous pictures placed across the page, and the message coming from someone by the name, ‘Dr. Kinglsley Moghalu.’ I think the best laugh is the ridiculous story … [Read more...]

More Laws For Elder Fraud? No, I Don’t Think So!

A client posed this thought-provoking question: "Do I think the laws are strong enough to control elder fraud? Do we need more laws?" My typical reply would be, of course! We need much stronger laws and legislation to stop this epidemic. As I thought more about this, though, I changed my mind. We have strong legislation on the books. There are severe penalties for … [Read more...]

Derik Boush – Raleigh, NC

Aging in place services Derik Boush is a Licensed Residential Contractor focused on aging in place in Raleigh, NC and provides home remodeling and renovation, home assessments and new home construction for seniors. Contact Derik Boush 919-638-3064 New Life Home Services, LLC 4508 River Edge Drive Raleigh, NC  27604   Looking for local help? Find a Pro in … [Read more...]

Jacob R. Baker – Hendersonville, NC

Jacob R. Baker is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and provides services in Hendersonville, NC.  His company, Continued Independence, was established to assist those aging in place by helping create a more safe home, and increased communication with families and caregivers. Jacob helps seniors increase their quality of life and stay at home longer, while also … [Read more...]