Taking Care of Aging Parents Tips from Joan Lunden

  These taking care of aging parents tips are from someone who has been there, done that and are doing it again. That would be Joan Lunden, speaking at the Washington Post Live's Caregiving in America. She offers tips from her experience caring for her 94 year-old mother and insight on being proactive about talking with your parents or relatives about end of life … [Read more...]

Family Caregiver Training Online

  Reading up on some family caregiver information I found an interesting course overview for professional training at the AGID Project It has a specific focus on aging care for those with intellectual disabilities, but it got me thinking about what family caregiver training might be available for the average person with no experience that is thrust into a caregiving … [Read more...]

Howard Chermak – Elderly Parents Bathroom Remodel

The challenge was creating a home for our clients' elderly parents. Solutions began with a wheelchair ramp from the exterior to allow ease of access. Two interior areas of the home were significantly changed to meet the needs of the client’s father’s limited vision and her mother’s limited mobility.  One area created an outside entrance, a bathroom, laundry area, and widened … [Read more...]

Downsizing Mom & Dad: Planning is Key

Moving your parents into a retirement community or assisted living facility can be difficult, heartbreaking, expensive, tiring or all of the above. Having a good plan is key. An article from Newsday.com gives a little insight into things older people need to consider for this transition. It will give those who are (or will be) taking this step things to consider before you … [Read more...]

Telemedicine and Remote Caregiving

Telemedicine in India going wireless, but having major impact now. Exerpts from an interview with K. Ganapathy, president of Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (ATNF), who provides telemedicine services to suburban and rural areas of India. With the assistance of ATNF, 103 centers have been setup that have provided more than 45,000 consultations to date. The centers … [Read more...]