Be Aware of ID Thieves: How to Spot Them and Counter Them

It is sad to say, but older people are often the primary targets of fraudsters. Seen as trusting and a soft touch, liars, scammers, low grade sales reps, ID thieves and even some charities will try to squeeze what they can out of people who are older. Independence is vital … [Read more...]

Elderly Phone Scams

There are a slew of new elderly phone scams being used to trick older people out of money. One such is called the Grandparent Scam. According to True Link Financial, scams like these cost older people an estimated $36 billion in a given year. These new elderly phone scams have … [Read more...]

Automatic Stair Lighting

  Automatic stair lighting is one way to use automation to increase home safety. Stairs are one of the most dangerous places in a home for an older person aging in place. Which is why we're big believers in living on one floor. But, stairs are a reality and making them safe … [Read more...]

Award Winning Universal Design Home Video

  This award winning universal design home comes to us courtesy of the Livable Communities Awards. Located in Pasadena, CA and designed by Jeannine Clark of Mannigan Design, Inc., winner of the award in the Major Space Remodel category. This single level condo, owned by a … [Read more...]

Home Automation Bedroom for Aging in Place

  This home automation bedroom was featured at CEDIA 2012 Expo. The video, entitled, "Home of the Future 2016 - Aging in Place - the Bedroom," highlights aging in place technology to help seniors, elderly and disabled people stay in their homes longer. The technology … [Read more...]

A Realistic View of Aging in America: Why We Need to Figure Out Aging in Place – Infographic

  As part of an ongoing effort to educate consumers about these and other aging issues, we're creating a new series of infographics, articles and videos called, "Why We Have to Figure Out Aging in Place. This piece provides a high-level view of the current and future … [Read more...]

Identity Theft Tips for Seniors

 More than 50% of seniors are online, according to Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project in 2012, and this means seniors are utilizing email, social media and online banking. As we age, there is an increased feeling of isolation for various reasons … [Read more...]