Aging in Place technology

Aging in place technology can help people stay safe, comfortable and secure in their homes for longer. With today's technology, the number of products available to older people that help meet their specific needs is growing fast. From personal growth to health to making communication with family easier... there are products and apps just waiting to enhance a person's life.

Products and services, such as senior cell phones, assistive technology, home automation, gadgets and more are in the fast growing aging in place technology market. Poised to assist seniors at home.

And, speaking of home automation, this is a technology we're excited about. We have a growing section of home automation articles, products and applications for you to enjoy.

We've highlighted a number of aging in place technology products, as well as how they can help you in your daily life. These articles can give you ideas of how introducing sometimes simple technology into your daily life can help you have a more active, productive and enjoyable lifestyle as you age.

Aging in place technology articles