Leonard Baer, Esq. – Elder Law, Fraud, Financial Abuse – Smart Retirement Life

In this episode of Smart Retirement Life, I’m joined thrilled to be here with Leonard Baer, an attorney whose practice focuses on elder law. Specifically, protecting seniors and their families from financial fraud and abuse. As a practicing attorney, he has been selected for inclusion in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, a registry of the top 5% of all Attorneys … [Read more...]

Power Of Attorney: A Warning Before You Sign

A warning about signing a Power of Attorney document. How many times are we asked to sign things, and then just go ahead and sign? We go to restaurants and sign credit card receipts, but do we really review the bill? Do we read the fine print in a sales contract? We sign things all day, and most of the time we are thinking about something else - golf tomorrow, seeing the … [Read more...]

Preparing the elderly estate and setting up future finances

The most important things to have in your possession when you are caring for aging parents – or if you’re in a position where you ever might care for them – are powers of attorney. And the powers are not one set of paperwork – they are two. The first kind of power of attorney is for finances. The document, usually drawn up by a professional in elderly law, allows you to pay … [Read more...]