Early Long Term Care Planning

  So you are planning on aging in place. You’ve implemented a plan that has included home modifications to help you as you get older. Then, just as you feel proud and secure in your plan, you have new disabilities to consider. Just because you need some assistance … [Read more...]

Slip & Fall Accident Prevention

advertisement   Safeguarding you or an elderly loved one against slip & fall accidents should be on your list when trying to help a senior age in place. After all, without preventing falls your independence may be at risk. While many people think it won’t happen to … [Read more...]

Senior Depression How to Help

Senior depression often can go undetected. Many times the signs are seen as symptoms of other conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, general aging changes and social/emotional changes due to retirement and other life changes. This is a very serious condition, and often … [Read more...]

Slip & Fall Accidents

  People don’t just fall because they become elderly. There are many factors involved. A slip & fall accident may seem unlikely to happen, but slip and fall accidents can occur at any age in any home with a higher risk for the elderly (and seniors aging in place). In … [Read more...]

Elderly Depression Treatment

  Elderly depression treatment can be difficult. Anyone can develop elderly depression, and seniors have an increased chance the longer they age. Some elderly people may experience life changes such as financial, health and even spiritual changes, which can lead to sadness, … [Read more...]

Elderly Depression Causes

  Elderly depression causes many issues for older adults. The chance for depression increases as we age. Aging can deliver physical, financial, spiritual and mental challenges some of which may be difficult to deal with. Many life changes such as health problems or fixed … [Read more...]

Elderly Depression

Elderly depression can be brought on by a number of things, including life changing events, such as isolation, health issues, the death of a spouse or other loved one, or retirement. Major events in life can leave and elderly person feeling down, unmotivated or that their life is … [Read more...]