Aging in Place Technology


  Aging in Place Technology can help people stay safe, comfortable and secure in their homes for longer. With today's technology, the number of products available to older people that help meet their specific needs is growing fast. From personal growth to health to making communication with family easier... there are products and apps just waiting to enhance a person's life.


Products and services, such as senior cell phones, assistive technology, home automation, gadgets and more are in the fast growing aging in place technology market. Poised to assist seniors at home.


And, speaking of home automation, this is a technology we're excited about. We have a growing section of home automation articles, products and applications for you to enjoy.


We've highlighted a number of technology products, as well as how they can help you in your daily life. These articles can give you ideas of how introducing sometimes simple technology into your daily life can help you have a more active, productive and enjoyable lifestyle as you age.


Aging in place technology articles

Nucleus Interview With Jonathan Frankel, Founder and CEO

Mark Hager talks with Jonathan Frankel, the Founder & CEO of Nucleus – a startup on a mission to redefine the home intercom system . They are making keeping in contact with & caring for your family, easier. They have created a home … Read More >>

The Best New Car Technology To Provide Safer And Easier Driving

New car technology is continually improving. Car manufacturers spend huge sums of money to provide their customers with the latest gadgets and features. Many of these features are aimed at providing a safer driving experience, giving the driver … Read More >>

How GPS Tools Can Help With Aging in Place

In a previous article on useful technologies for seniors, we discussed care benefits and keeping in touch with family, among other topics. In this post I want to expand a little bit on how some modern technologies can assist individuals in these … Read More >>

6 Tech Products For Home, Fun & Life

  When you read about new tech products, you almost always run into someone who says something along the lines of, "technology is invading our lives." Well, yes; it has. But, I don't know that it is a bad thing. Honestly, tech products can … Read More >>

Home Automation Features That Support Caregiving

  If you're wondering what home automation features could actually support you in your caregiving role, then you're in for a treat. In this article, we're covering home automation that can not only help you're loved on stay at home longer (say, … Read More >>

6 Amazing Lifestyle & Healthcare Technology Products

  Lifestyle and healthcare technology are some of the hottest topics, especially around this time of the year with the CES having just passed. There have been many tech products in the past few years that promised to change the world or at … Read More >>

Future Technologies That May Change The Aging Experience

  Future technologies, as with those that have already come to pass, will help shape the world we live in. There are few areas of the human condition that could benefit as much from future technologies as the area of aging. With each passing … Read More >>

5 Age in Place Technology Products You’ve Probably Never Seen

Age in place technology products have been enjoying a lot of media attention as of late. I don't know what consumers feel about some of these new products, since a lot of companies seem to be building things without actually asking people if they … Read More >>

DIY Home Automation or Professionally Installed?

  Deciding whether to have a DIY home automation system or have it professionally installed is a personal choice. Many people like the challenge of a technical project, but others do not. It depends on how interested you are in home automation … Read More >>

What is a Home Automation System?

  What is a home automation system and what does it do? A home automation system is a network of sensors, controllers, switches, interfaces and devices that allow a person to have control over the devices connected to the network, including … Read More >>