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Bathroom remodeling for aging in place can help increase safety in the bathroom, and make the bathroom space more usable and comfortable. As for safety, falls are the greatest risk for seniors, so making changes to help prevent them in the bathroom is important.


As you'll see in the remodeling projects on this page, age in place bathroom remodeling can be beautiful, functional and increase home safety.

These projects are actual bathroom remodel projects by industry professionals.

Bathroom remodeleling projects


Zero-Threshold Shower – Lompoc, CA: New Life Bath & Kitchen

At New Life Bath & Kitchen, we work closely with our clients to align design with functionality. This bathroom remodeling project in Lompoc, CA was for a senior client with mobility issues that … Read More >>

ADA Shower In Tempe, AZ

My customer in Tempe, AZ wanted me to create a nice looking curbless ADA shower (in the hall bathroom) for her handicapped daughter. After taking out the existing tub and adding a new lower drain … Read More >>

Howard Chermak – Elderly Parents Bathroom Remodel

The challenge was creating a home for our clients' elderly parents. Solutions began with a wheelchair ramp from the exterior to allow ease of access. Two interior areas of the home were significantly … Read More >>

Age in Place Bathroom Remodel: AK Complete Home Renovations

AK designed this beautiful aging in place shower with style and function in mind. The homeowner wanted a shower they could feel safe in no matter their age. AK used small tiles in a herringbone … Read More >>

Aging in Place Bathroom Remodel: Abbie Sladick

This condominium remodel balances beauty and accessibility to meet the present and future needs of our client’s changes in physical ability.  This project features many Aging in Place home … Read More >>

Safeway Step Accessible Tub Conversion

  The Safeway Step ® is an affordable solution to convert your existing fiberglass, steel or cast iron bathtub into a walk-in shower. The Safeway Step is an easy way for homeowners or … Read More >>

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling: Alice Danis

Our client wanted a spa like bathroom that would be easy for her to use in her senior years. Everything here was custom made to fit our clients petite stature. The recessed shower was filled in and a … Read More >>

Beautiful Bathroom Remodel: Jane Regan

Aging in place can be beautiful - I liked the detail of the tall piece of granite making the wall off-balanced. We used a tiny ¼ ‘bump’ of a rounded piece of granite between the ‘bath’ area and the … Read More >>

Accessible Bathroom Remodeling: Jane Regan

This is all porcelain tile from green factories in the U.S. All Water Sense plumbing, w/new ADA Toto, wall mounted single surface sink with towel/grab bar from Ponte Guilio, as are the gorgeous grab … Read More >>